Our architecture endeavors to meet the operational needs of senior housing operators and the psychological needs of their residents. Design begins with an examination of the clients' specific operations, paired with our firm's mission to promote resident care, dignity and privacy.

A Pi Architects building incorporates evidence-based design principals, science, art and technology to enhance workflow and care delivery.

Functionally, our buildings prioritize resource stewardship, abundant natural light and harmonious flow. Residents can live with dignity in spaces that heighten the opportunity to form relationships.

Services: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Site Evaluation and Planning, Building Information Modeling, Architectural Interior Design


Prototype Development

We work with your community vision and project goals to arrive at a design that is custom tailored to your organization’s brand promise.

Once realized, a prototype offers many time-saving benefits. Building design can be readily adapted to sites, while risk and project delivery costs are minimized.

In addition, the process significantly improves quality control at every stage of your project.

Services: Programming, Multiple Preliminary Design


Master Planning

Pi Architects has developed a process called Master Architecturally Planned Solutions, known as MAPS, which allows your leadership team to create its own vision of long term success.

Master planning interprets complex, long term goals into easily identifiable phases, anticipates future opportunities and gives you the perspective to make prudent use of resources.

Services:  Site and Facility Analysis, Operational Budgeting, Design Scheduling


Interior Design

In senior living, interior design is more than the sum of its parts, it’s a strategy to minimize visual confusion and emphasize residential harmony.

Our interior design selections bridge the gap between durable, approved products and a comfortable home environment. Baby boomers are not only the next wave of residents, they're the decision makers for their parents. Our interior design is inspired to appeal to the aesthetic sense of both generations.

Services: Furniture, Furnishings Specifications, Equipment Design, Purchasing,  Installation and Oversight



Planning and Landscape Architecture

Market trends are demonstrating a demand for accessible, natural spaces. Health benefits of outdoor exposure for older adults, such as improved mood, increased appetite and decreased depression are well documented.

Increasingly, natural elements are also a deciding factor for families. 

Our landscape architecture team will balance site constraints, jurisdictional requirements and operational processes to create outstanding exteriors areas that beautify and add value.

Services: Site Evaluation and Planning, Space Creation


Community Repositioning

As buildings become functionally outmoded, occupancy may decline. To remain competitive, it’s important for organizations to restructure services according to proven trends and changing resident expectations.

Modern, repositioned buildings can bolster the value of a long-established healthcare brand and solidify market share.

Our team specializes in operational nuances of senior living communities. From structural revitalization to service expansion, we help legacy operators expand on their history of care and commitment to their local communities.