Vitality Commons - Conceptual Design

Project Details

SIZE 76,851
CARE TYPE Assisted Living, Memory Care

Finalist in the Environments for Aging Design Showcase! Click Here to Learn More!

utopia, USA

Vitality Commons, assisted living and memory care, establishes the foundation of purpose and connection for each person experiencing the community. Often described as a highly attractive modern aesthetic, it is inspired by urban designs such as casual 'beer gardens' and café style seating. Dignity, empowerment, operational flow, Wellness, and Biophilic Design come together to form a peaceful, yet energetic lifestyle for residents.

Designed to fit on a compact site, the efficient footprint of the building opens up a multitude of development opportunities for an infill urban site. This design attracts Baby Boomers encouraging them to stay involved in the surrounding community. The ideal urban site location with close adjacency give residents the ability to maintain mobility and independence.

The flow between indoor and outdoor spaces give residents a sense of freedom and discovery. Flexible amenity spaces reflect forward-thinking programming for a younger generation of residents who value the autonomy to dictate their daily activities.

Memory Care’s unique design offers a dignified home for residents and upholds all dimensions of Wellness. Natural material reflecting the principles of Biophilic Design used throughout the community re-emphasizes the relationship between human and the outdoor environment.