Why you need an experienced senior living site planner for your project

Experienced site planners with a specialty in senior living give you the advantage of time and cost savings. Pi Architects Landscape Architects are trained in site planning and comprehensive code reviews. Landscape Architects experienced with senior living are ideal for a quick review of key site requirements, program layouts, and city development requirements.  As sites are becoming more expensive and much more challenging, it is critical to maximize a site's potential.

Key Considerations for Site Planning

Bryan Warne, PLA, Director of Landscape Architecture for Pi Architects and Senior Living Planning expert shares what's important to consider when evaluating a site's potential. The first step is understanding the client goals. Bryan suggests starting by reviewing what codes affect a Senior Living project and what local politics affect project possibilities. Furthermore, give attention to exposure, views, existing grades, utility requirements, detention, and setbacks.  All can affect the layout, size, amenities and overall potential of the site being reviewed.



Managing time and up-front fees are essential when determining if a site is viable. The meter is running.  It's nice to have the option of an efficient site analysis that does not break the bank and provides a critical level of confidence.

Boost Marketing and Senior Living Design using Virtual Reality

Advances in architectural technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and other visually immersing experiences are making it possible to experience building designs in bold new ways.  Interactive visual experiences immerse you in the program, engaging your senses to bring a true scale, depth, and spatial awareness into sharp focus. 

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso...

VibraLife of El Paso Texas came to LIFE this summer. This 55,000-square-foot building offers a unique blend of short stay rehabilitation, transitional assisted living, and memory care services.

Grand Opening Celebration for Stonecrest of Troy

Pi Architects is excited to announce the Grand Opening Celebration Thursday August 24th, 2017 of our completed project, Stonecrest of Troy Senior Living. The development team includes Northpoint Development and Integral Senior Living (ISL)....

Pi Employee: Embracing the Adventure of a Lifetime

Pi employee, Matthew Warrick, takes on the challenge of a lifetime this summer as he hikes thru the entire Appalachian Trail! The Appalachian Trail stretches over 2,200 miles and crosses 14 states from Georgia to Maine, the longest continuous hiking trail in the world.

Field Studies at SPJST

Road trip! Nearby projects present a rare treat, a chance to get up from the desks and pile everyone into a van for a team site visit.

Round pies for rounded pi

For some, the third month means shamrocks, for others, brackets and madness. But for all in our office, it means Pi day, a holiday we observe with unbridled enthusiasm and tasty tradition.

Six tips to defend against fire in senior living

Fires in senior living apartments and communities have swept national headlines recently, detailing the destruction that these disasters can cause, and sparking around fire safety — particularly as it relates to buildings’ construction.

Pass your licensing inspection

Inspection day can be stressful, state regulators want your building to pass and become a successful community, but the process can be arduous. We all know the old adage about failing to prepare, so here are a few tips to improve the experience.