Field Studies at SPJST

Nearby projects present a rare treat, a chance to get up from the desks and pile everyone into a van for a team site visit. It's a great learning experience for our younger designers, both on how to conduct a site visit and to see firsthand how design translates to active construction. On this day we visited SPJST in Taylor, where the original building dates to 1958.

The buildings currently under construction are part of a multi-phase master planned project, begun in 2006.  A day on site not only gets the team outside on a beautiful day, it presents the opportunity to discuss implications of Life Safety, ADA compliance and check for mandatory construction specifications.

The new complex will modernize the campus and add service offerings, but as we saw during our visit, the heart of the community is the people. Many staff boast decades of employment; residents and staff alike are visibly proud of their community.

Clients will always come and go, but we were lucky to be reminded of who we're really working for when designing senior living. Thanks again to Woody and Diane, their dedicated staff, and especially the friendly SPJST residents who warmly welcomed us into their home.

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