Silverado brings the Virtual Dementia Tour ® to Pi Architects

Vice President Mark going working through the Virtual Dementia Tasks

Pi Architects team members experienced walking in the shoes of an elder with dementia.  Silverado associates provided the Virtual Dementia Tour® to the design team as part

Cory finding out the tasks for the tour

Afterwards, the team came together to share how to better understand the perceptions of resident needs.  Silverado associates

Christa figuring out what is going to happen on the Virtual Dementia Tour

of Pi University learning. The full office comprised of various architects, designers and administrative personnel who support senior living design efforts all participated in the exercise. 

Bonnie happily going through the virtual dementia tour

connected the experience with real life examples of how residents react to their environments.  Team members remarked how the tour brought to light a real connection with the residents. While others spoke about how the tour helped them appreciate how a community design influences a residents quality of life.

Steve excited to be going through the virtual dementia tour
President Greg going figuring out the tasks of the tour

This exercise demonstrates why our work is critical to residents' overall wellbeing. Thank you to Silverado for going out and sharing this knowledge and thank you for all you do for those you serve!