Adapting Interiors to a Baby Boomer Generation


what do baby boomers want?  

Boomers don’t just want to live – they want to live WELL. The concept of wellness revolves not only around physical vitality but also towards social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, physical, and environment. Boomers search for wellness opportunities in more casual areas by comparison to what many Senior Living environments offer today. When it comes to designing for Baby Boomers, Pi Interiors looks at the end user and begins with an understanding of their styles, expectations and demands to design accordingly. Resident choice, social connection, intellectual growth, and a relaxing environment enhanced by nature forms the foundation of the Boomers wellness-centered lifestyle.

Boomers value social connection and freedom of choice.

Rather than designing a plus-size multipurpose room, create spaces that include opportunities for intimate gatherings and incorporate smaller living rooms with kitchenettes.  These spaces provide opportunities for impromptu or less formal meetings so that residents can self-initiate activities of related interests.

The Babyboomer

Campuses with a variety of dining options such as casual dining, coffee shops, cafés/bars, and outdoor dining attract Boomers. Selecting durable, but stylish finishes and furniture achieves high marks. Multiple dining opportunities provide residents with the autonomy to choose when and how they dine. Boomers value independent choice and control.

Not only do Boomers want options, but they also desire a variety of unique and exciting features. For instance, a gym could have a modern industrial vibe while a casual bistro might have a farm-to-table restaurant feel and the salon could feel like a high-end spa.  Unique use of amenity spaces such as these with an individual look and feel allow desirable and exciting experiences for Boomers within.

Boomers desire relaxing environments enhanced by nature.

Traditional Senior Living Communities of the past have evolved into contemporary casual environments by embracing biophilic design principles.  These principles incorporate natural elements, such as light stone, metal, and wood. A heightened focus on enhancing views of the outdoors helps to bring in natural elements.

Both natural and LED “tunable” lights are valuable design elements used to recreate natures circadian cycle.  Simply bringing natural light into space makes it dynamic. Simulating natural light, LED “tunable” changes from warm to cool and back to warm again mimicking nature. This maintains natural circadian rhythms and improving overall health and well-being.

Pi Architects Interior Design for Assisted Living and Memory Care in Nashville, TN

On the whole, Boomers expect their environments to be designed to meet their wellness-centered lifestyle.  Timeless designs based on biophilic principles and knowledge of the end user’s preference allows Pi Interiors to create spaces that promote health and wellbeing while addressing the general living necessities of the Baby Boomer Generation. Finishing off our designs with art and décor that captures the local surrounding area and history brings a full concept to life.

About Pi Interiors…

At Pi Architects, Pi Interiors Design team members are involved early on in the design process. Pi Interiors sets an equilibrium between elegant, classy, modern and up-to-date design aesthetics.  Designers acknowledge not only the finishes and furniture in a space but also the shape and feel of the area as a whole. There is an utmost emphasis in capturing the flow and energy in a space before deciding colors, textures, furnishings or selecting finishes.


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