Pass your licensing inspection

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Congratulations! Your project plans are becoming a reality, here are a few tips to ensure your facility puts its best face forward. 

Inspection day can be stressful, state regulators want your building to pass and become a successful community, but the process can be arduous. We all know the old adage about failing to prepare, so here are a few tips to improve the experience.

Pre-test all systems: fire alarm, sprinkler, ANSUL, access control. Prepare neat, well executed DADS inspection binders for your documentation.

Bonus: Prepare a "Just In Case" binder with equipment product data. Have support materials ready: ladders, keys, fire stop and flashlights.

Have support staff on site: owner, architect, subs, MEP, fire, access, the whole team!

Cleanliness is paramount; don't forget the attic!

Cleanliness is paramount; don't forget the attic!

Don't forget the little things. Are the fridges cold? Spare parts on hand? Public toilets stocked?

Total preparedness and a demonstrated commitment to Life Safety improves the chances that your building will pass on the first inspection.
"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail."
 - Charles R. Swindoll