Culture Change in Elder Care

Edition: Volume 1 in Leading Principles & Practices in Elder Care series

by Judah L. Ronch and Audrey S. Weiner

Part of the series Leading Principles & Practices in Elder Care, the first volume provides the history and rationale behind the 'culture change' movement and examines current trends and future directions needed to keep providers and policymakers focused on the industry-wide and facility-specific changes still needed. This volume 'makes the case' for the ideals of culture change, selling out for readers the why of person-centered care from economic, practical, and moral perspectives. Long-term care leaders and change advocates articulate the values and goals, the government standards, and the education and training that are essential for the full realization of care setting and practices that normalize the experience of frail elders and provide suitable dignity, choice, and comfort in their day-to-day lives.