Boost Marketing and Senior Living Design using Virtual Reality

Pi Architects Virtual Reality

Advances in architectural technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and other visually immersing experiences are making it possible to experience building designs in bold new ways.  Interactive visual experiences immerse you in the program, engaging your senses to bring a true scale, depth, and spatial awareness into sharp focus.  The sensation of traveling through a building—feeling the flow from space to space—brings to life a 360-degree understanding only possible with this technology. 

Fly through a building to connect with each space in a virtual world

Virtual Reality integration guides both clients and the team at Pi Architects to continually explore innovative solutions, advancing design in senior living. During the design phases, VR allows a client to quickly and accurately decide if the design meets their vision. 

  • Decisions can be made to optimize operational efficiencies.

  • Coordination among building systems can quickly be addressed.

  • Contractors can visualize the concept to evaluate building costs in a way 2D plans cannot provide.

All this happens before breaking ground, which saves time, money, and headaches for everyone involved.  

The technology today is truly incredible. The value of a 3D model used for interactive visual experiences changes the game for marketing efforts. Fly-throughs and narrated videos allow residents to explore the community amenities and select unit preferences during pre-marketing stages. This sneak preview not only streamlines the leasing process, it also generates excitement for future residents.