Why you need experienced senior living site planner for your project

Experienced site planners with a specialty in senior living give you the advantage of time and cost savings. Pi Architects Landscape Architects are trained in site planning and comprehensive code reviews. Landscape Architects experienced with senior living are ideal for a quick review of key site requirements, program layouts, and city development requirements.  As sites are becoming more expensive and much more challenging, it is critical to maximize a site's potential.

Bryan Warne, PLA, Director of Landscape Architecture for Pi Architects and Senior Living Planning expert shares what's important to consider when evaluating a site's potential. The first step is understanding the client goals. Bryan suggests starting by reviewing what codes affect a Senior Living project and what local politics affect project possibilities. Furthermore, give attention to exposure, views, existing grades, utility requirements, detention, and setbacks.  All can affect the layout, size, amenities and overall potential of the site being reviewed.

Managing time and up-front fees are essential when determining if a site is viable. The meter is running.  It's nice to have the option of an efficient site analysis that does not break the bank and provides a critical level of confidence.

Key Considerations for Site Planning
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